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2012-02-29 12:44:25 by Astrocambria

got shit goin on

Stand still

2011-09-09 20:25:51 by Astrocambria

Nothing has been going on, im working on getting some shit for sale on Society6 or Redbubble, i'll make sure to post more if I get more info on that


2011-06-23 23:57:28 by Astrocambria

Its like the 3rd week of my real life...gotta start thinking about my career or imma get a tablet pretty soon and learn flash, finally gonna start living my dream of being an animator


2011-04-26 02:37:29 by Astrocambria

Scouted again


2010-09-06 02:46:34 by Astrocambria

I had no idea you could be unscouted

Back 2 school

2010-08-13 00:49:44 by Astrocambria

Yup, its that time again.
But im actually excited, gonna be senior and hopefully graduate.
Im not gonna fuck around so much this time.


2010-07-06 01:17:18 by Astrocambria

This might sound stupid, but whatever...I dont care
I was wondering what other artists use to improve their art...
Thanks for the help..

I expect stupid replys to this...but thanks for the help

I lied

2010-07-02 18:28:06 by Astrocambria

I guess i'll post when I have nothing better to do
Also, imma need a sketch book...lined papaer is unhonly here on NG T.T


2010-05-22 12:39:06 by Astrocambria

Ive been scouted, so that means i'll be posting alot more often now :D
I would like to thank Sonik-Team :]

More shit

2010-02-18 17:03:45 by Astrocambria

More shit to come
Just waiting for my compy to stop shitting on my submissions
I cant seem to upload anymore cuz it keeps getting lost
Dont trip